The Upstairs Closet

These pictures are from the conversion of wasted space into a storage closet we needed so badly.  The space above our entry was open to the ceiling (20 ft) and did nothing but look open.  I added the floor/ceiling, built the wall upstairs and...a closet is born.  About 50 square feet of storage.

Also as part of this project, I included the upstairs landing renovation.  There was a short, solid sheetrocked wall about four feet tall from the stair rail to the linen closet.  I tore it down and added a small section of floor/ceiling, moved the upstairs railing to the opposite side and this gave us a much nicer looking landing with about 10 more square feet.  It doesn't sound like much but it sure makes a difference on the open look of the landing.

The floor is in.  Note where the green lamp is sitting.  This is the four foot wall I took out.

The floor looking up from downstairs.

Another looking up view.

Some re-wiring because the switch would be covered.

The wall framing.

The light....just a utility fixture for the closet.

The downstairs ceiling finished and the new light.

Yep, you can shove a lot of junk in here.  All the Christmas stuff!

This was cool.  Since there was now a utility type room on the other side of my office wall, I made a built-in AV rack for my office.

The finished entry.  Since there was now a ceiling/wall, I could connect the crown molding.

The finished landing.  The railing is new, moved from the other side.  Where the plant is sitting used to be open to the downstairs and there was a 4 foot wall that wrapped around from where the sheet-rocked stair rail is to the corner at the left of the plant.  This is about 10-12 square feet but it made a big difference.

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