The Kitchen

The kitchen project was done in 2000.  We painted the cabinets and put Wainscot on the exposed sides of the cabinets.  Also added new hardware.  A little paint and tile countertops and it's a new kitchen.  All for a very reasonable budget and a lot of work.

The floor is in.  Note where the green lamp is sitting.  This is the four foot wall I took out.

Before, complete with dishes in the sink.

Another before.

The primer and base coat are on.

Looks good in white, huh?

More intermediate pictures.  Old countertops.  No glaze yet.

Glaze is on.  Still have the old countertops.

The desk area.  See that old table and old countertops?


Finished.  New paint.  Dining table was a project also.  Took the top off of an old coffee table and made it the dining table.  Also note the chairs are re-covered.


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