The Upstairs Landing

The upstairs hallway.  Many changes.  Added the closet.  Added the floor.  Took down the four foot wall.  Added hardwood flooring.  Replaced the door moldings.  Replaced the floor molding (base trim).  Also been painted many many times.

This is a recent picture.  It has the carpet but the four foot wall has already been removed and the additional floor is in.  This is my project helper posing.  He was there in every project.  Note the door and floor trim.

The new floor is in and the new door trim is on.

More door trim.  Six doors in this little hallway.  What a pain.

Here is the new flooring and trim.

Another view.

One more view.

Last view.  This was the area that used to be open to the bottom floor.  The stair railing/spindles shown here were added when the closet was made.


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