Out of ballroom for a while but here's the story.  We started ballroom dancing in Jan 2002.  It all started as a Christmas present last year.  I gave Suzanne 5 dance lessons, really for me, since she loves to dance and every time we would go out, she danced with other people since I can't dance.  So we started out to learn how to two-step, but then got into the other dances, waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba, cha-cha and swing.  It's great exercise and a whole lotta fun.  We take lessons with great instructors and have made some great friends with all the folks at the studio.  It's hard work.  Like a lot of things in life, it does not look that difficult, but you can't appreciate how hard it is until you try it.  And it's very rewarding when you succeed at just the littlest techniques, styles and forms.  Currently we take samba lessons on Monday night, salsa and cha-cha lessons on Tuesday night and then go social dancing at the local bar/saloon/dance hall on Wednesday and Friday nights.  Sometimes we sneak in a social salsa night on Thursdays.  The country dance halls have changed a bit since we were young.  Imagine hearing hip-hop and watching the cowboys shake their booty on the dance floor.  It's a "hoot".  So here are some pictures of the ballroom experience.


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 Dance Competition December 2002 - Beach Ball

Mike and Sue with Ron and Leanne

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Mike and Sue Together

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Eileen and Ron

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Suzanne & Family

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