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Suzanne and I celebrated our 29th Anniversary on August 25, 2008 in St; Luke's Hospital with me getting my back fused.  It was a real celebration and party.  I was on drugs so I don't remember a lot but I know it must have been fun.  We have lived in our home above for almost 19 years.  I graduated from A&M with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering.  I worked for good old HL&P/ Reliant/Centerpoint/Whoever as a plant engineer for 8 years and worked for about 16 years in  the oil/chemical technical sales business, with a short stint in the technical software industry.  Currently, I'm back in engineering working miscellaneous design projects and project management.  It's interesting and challenging.  That's what keeps us in Houston.  We have two boys (men actually) ages 25 and 28 and they have finally moved out, both of them in the same week.  Empty nest syndrome?  What's that?  Ask Suzanne!  I know they'll probably be back but it's pretty nice right now.  Michael and Daniel don't live together any more.  I gues living together wasn't what it was cut out to be.  They both live within 15 minutes apartments.  They still come home to do laundry.  Suzanne and I have been together for 31 years.  Click the text link below for a good laugh of what 31 years change looks like.  It's not that we were dorks.....ok we were and probably still are.  We'll probably look back in 20 years and say "What dorks we were in 2008!".  But we're "cool" dorks.







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Here are a couple of some old home movies.  They were originally 8mm format so don't expect 21st century quality.



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