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It's hard to believe that a pet can become such a part of the family but we lost our 21 year old cat, Alicia, in December 2005.  She'd been with us for almost as long as our two boys.  So, we waited a while and got Bella.  Such a cute little kitten, but a little "schitzy".  A week later we got Tinker but within a week she had succumbed to the cat flu and it took her 4 week old life from her.  Both Bella and Tinker were "muts" from the animal adoption agencies.  After watching poor Tinker suffer, we didn't really want to go through it again.  But, since Bella turned into my cat, Suzanne wanted a lap cat for her.  We waited until July 2006 to look for a "lap" cat.  The interesting story about Lucky was how he picked us.  We didn't really want a boy cat but he turned out to be a real sweetheart.  He took right to Suzanne and the clincher for picking him was when we heard his name.  His original name the adoption folks had given him was Kent.  How many cats have you ever heard of named Kent?  Kent was the name of Suzanne's brother who passed away several years ago.  Along with all his purring, that did it.  We brought him home and renamed him Lucky.  He's a real goofball and loves people.  He bosses Bella around but they get along great.  Both Bella and Lucky have learned how to catch and fetch.  Smart cats.  But, after just 10 months, boy has he grown!  Check out the pictures.


Tribute to Alicia - She was part of our family for 21 years.  We had her almost as long as our boys.


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Tribute to Tinker

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Bella 01-06 - Just arrived home

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Bella 04-06 - Her First Roach Kill

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Bella 04-06 - Her Interests and Favorite Toy

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Bella 04-06 - Catching and Fetching

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Bella 04-06 - Just Being A Cat

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Bella 05-06 After a Night of Cattin' Around

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Bella 08-06

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Lucky Invades 08-06 

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Bella And Lucky - 1 Week together

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Bella And Lucky - Friends Forever - 09-06

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Bella And Lucky - Still Sleeping but Also Flying 12-06

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Lucky has grown a little bit!

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Who says cats don't like TV?

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